The Mission

Developing innovative solutions in the trucking industry allowing our partners to surpass their goals: Beyond standards!

Designed and built for safety and durability!

Trailers have been manufactured the same way for over 150 years: parallel beams, cross members and flooring planks. Over the years, only building materials have changed.

In order to transport in an environmentally friendly, most effective and most profitable way, innovating has become a must!

Carriers are looking for additional loading capacity to better serve customers. Price of fuel keeps rising. Laws and standards regarding weight charges are becoming more demanding. The trucking industry dreams of new solutions.

Alutrec has been considerate to all our industry needs and concerns.

After 5 years of research and partnership with both aluminum research centers and two universities; here is the new and most efficient way to build a flatbed trailer.

With the never seen before monocoque model: , you become the owner of the most aerodynamic, light weighted, and profitable aluminum flatbed trailer in North American history.

Calculation is simple

Heavier loads and heights mean more revenues. Improved aerodynamics means less fuel. Authorization with all State jurisdictions in North America means less logistics. RESULT: MORE PROFITS!!!

From now on….The trucking industry of flatbed trailers will never be the same.

At last,
The 1st profitable flatbed trailer with a Technology of the future…