The Alutrec


The Alutrec difference

For decades, we have built our reputation on knowledge and quality.

Flatbed trailers must prove themselves under the most difficult conditions and offer years of flawless service.

Alutrec has been tested time after time. Our aluminum flatbed trailers are known as the industry’s most profitable and long lasting trailers.

Knowledge of aluminum

Alutrec is the only Canadian manufacturer to design all aluminum flatbed trailers. Our extensive knowledge of aluminum technology lets us make the most of the material’s strength and durability, while taking advantage of its characteristics. Aluminum means a better designed, built and performing flatbed trailer. And the better price allows you to make the most out of your investment.


Not all flatbed trailer manufacturers use the same alloys. Alutrec makes the most of each type of alloy to ensure your aluminum flatbed trailer is as strong as possible.


Alutrec beams are designed to use two large aluminum extrusions assembled by using high pressure riveting (Huck-bolt). Our manufacturing process ensures no broken rivets, weakened structures or loose nuts that could cause excessive torsion.

Cross Members

Alutrec flooring beams and cross members are designed to support a 50% larger load than the competition. Alutrec cross members are designed to work in collaboration with our exclusive interlocking floor, allowing cross members to be spaced apart. This result is a lighter flatbed trailer with strong structural rigidity.

The Floor

The aluminum extrusion floor has all four sides closed and tampered to offer outstanding strength. These extrusions transfer a large portion of the load to the main beam since they are “locked” together. This means less pressure on the rest of the structure, allowing it to last longer. Additionally, the floor pieces are interlocked throughout the entire length of the flatbed trailer, which means the trailer remains straight — even when making the tightest turns. This result is better stability on the road.

Assembly Process

Aluminum is a material with many unique characteristics and to make the most it, you must understand its properties and take advantage of them. This is where Alutrec reaches new heights. We build each flatbed trailer with the utmost care. We ensure that each step of the process — from perforation, welding, folding and mechanical assembly — respects the properties and behaviours of aluminum, maximizing its potential.

Corrosion Protection

Aluminum reacts chemically when in contact with steel. Therefore it is important to avoid contact between these types of material. To accomplish this process, we use a high-density membrane which offers protection against tearing and humidity, increasing longevity.