flatbed trailer

Multi-Axle flatbed trailer

Our Multi-Axle Flatbed trailer (5 axles or more) is built accordingly to answer specific needs.

The loads they haul require particularly stringent manufacturing.

Alutrec’s unique knowledge of aluminum means we make the most of this resource to manufacturer Multi-Axle Flatbed trailers that offer unparalleled efficiency.

Like all of Alutrec aluminum trailers, the Multi-Axle Flatbed trailers are built to meet the toughest challenges:

  • High-resistance girders assembled using high-pressure stainless steel rivets
  • Alutrec unique T cross members
  • Interlocking closed flooring
  • Our unique assembly process is what built our reputation.

These special flatbed trailers are offered in two- and three main beam models to meet the most demanding transporters’ needs.